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The majority of organisational changes and decisions are based on incrementalism - using 'today' as the starting point.

Yet, for many organisations this starting point is potentially flawed since it restricts creativity in determining the future positioning of any organisation and the actions to achieve it.

Our HR consultants have developed a track record and methodology that can overcome this. We have successfully worked with senior individuals, groups and boards to help them clarify the future in organisational terms and the steps required to achieve sustained organisational advantage.



Examples of Organisational Strategy Assignments
Our HR consultancy has:
worked with two boards of national charities that were considering merger and developed a joint vision that neither could achieve in isolation that gained unanimous support.
worked with a major museum to identify actions that would take it more towards world class status.
supported a senior project team in the not for profit sector to define :

an organisation structure that could better co-ordinate and support nationally-delivered services.

appropriate, supporting selection processes.
"The strategy workshop with the senior management team not only clarified those areas we knew we had to get right but other oganisational blind-spots where failure to act would have seriously jeopardised our longer term success - indeed viability."

"The assignment has shifted management thinking from spending time acquiring short term project funding through to developing multiple, longer term financial partnerships."
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