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Staff Engagement

National surveys show that, independent of the organisation, staff engagement levels reduce as the negative impact of economic conditions affect perceptions of job security, confidence in managers, standards of living, etc..

Our HR consultants are using a series of diagnostic and facilitative tools based on high quality research that will help organisations, managers and staff better engage with each other. These include:

one-to-one interviews and focus groups
on-line surveys
desk analysis.


action planning sessions for senior managers
feedback workshops for staff


Examples of Staff Engagement Assignments
through desk analysis, interviews, focus groups, external benchmarking and workshops, our HR consultancy has introduced a much more effective way of managing attendance by identifying and addressing the negative impact of existing management culture and management style
through extensive staff and management meetings, gained a significant majority view in terms of how some roles should be restructured for the benefit of the organisation.
through staff surveying and feedback to unions and senior managers, identified significant opportunities for both parties to be able to improve communications to staff/members that would benefit all parties.


"The change initiative is working. Staff are becoming more responsible for their own areas, teamworking shows signs of improvement, communication has improved, management is beginning to empower rather than control their staff."

"A considerable improvement has been already achieved in leadership, team working, strategic thinking and achieving outcomes."
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