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Salary Surveys/Reviews

For most organisations, understanding their relative position in their salary market place is about an appropriate 'rate for the job', appropriate differentials or addressing recruitment, retention and skill shortage issues.

Our HR consultancy provides a series of customised services that can provide salary and benefits information for particular jobs, groups, organisations or sectors. This can be via an analysis of internal data, analysis of commercially available surveys or the commissioning of an ‘invitation only’ survey on behalf of the client.

We have also met with volunteer boards of directors to explain the concept of ‘market’ rate, ‘upper quartile’ payers, etc. and the consequential impacts on their respective organisations.



Examples of Reward Surveys/Reviews
Our HR consultants have:
conducted comparative analyses of published salary and benefits information to establish appropriate pay and benefits arrangements for a senior team.
developed and run a series of 'by invitation' surveys to assist clients understand the salary and benefits marketplace in which they operate.
advised spin-off organisations from local authorities on independent pay arrangements that reflect their new market.
developed a web-based approach to survey data collection as a method of reducing costs to clients.
helped organisations define and set up Remuneration Committees, sub-committees of main boards with delegated responsibilities for Chief Executive's and directors' pay and performance.
advised charitable organisations on appropriate salary levels for their Chief Executives and directors together with how their future pay should be managed.


"75% of companies in a fairly homogeneous sector believed their pay to be upper quartile within that sector!"

"Thank you for providing such clear feedback on this difficult subject. It has provided the Board with the information they need to take decisions on pay - together with the equally important issues of funding and future-funding a potentially larger paybill."
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