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Salary Structures

Whilst job evaluation is the primary driving force in many organisations for determining which jobs groups should be treated equally for pay purposes, it is internal and external pay relativities, together with ability to pay, that are key variables in determining what organisations should actually pay their staff.

Our HR consultancy has developed sophisticated excel-based, interactive pay models that support organisations in times of potential or actual restructuring of pay scales. Not only can “what-if” scenarios be developed, the impact of ‘green’ and ‘red’ circling and future inbuilt salary inflation can also be identified. These are developed from client’s own payroll data with comprehensive summary reporting that can aid management decision making and union negotiations.



Examples of Reward Structure Assignments
Our pay modelling and associated management support by our HR consultants has helped clients :
reduce the number of salary scales in an organisation from 72 to ten.
contain potential implementation costs by identifying optimum salary scales where ‘red’ and ‘green’ circling costs offset each other.
support extended union negotiations
identify the direct and consequential impact of introducing an extra grade into an existing salary structure.


"Through iterative modelling, over two hundred different scales covering over 4000 employees, were reduced to less than 25."

"The cost of moving to integrated pay scales was just GBP 5,00 per employee; this was recouped in reduced payroll processing time within three months of implementation."
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