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Performance Management

Performance management is the primary HR process to link organisational activity to organisational goals. Yet for many organisations, it is one of the least developed and, sometimes, the least respected process.

Our HR consultancy specialises in working with organisations, groups and teams to develop their own performance management processes - that may, or may not be linked to reward.

We have developed processes based on the conventional manager/job holder conversation, peer review, team-based, 360 and upward.

We have linked such processes to objectives, quality of service standards, service level agreements, professional standards and targets.



Examples of Performance Management Assignments
Our HR consultants have:
led a multi-agency steering group to design a national performance appraisal scheme for Justices of the Peace in Scotland, subsequently presenting details at regional conferences
designed and delivered the processes and training for performance management schemes in organisations as variable as university colleges through to the NHS.
presented at internal and national conferences and workshops on the topic of performance management.


"The goal of a paperless, performance management process was almost achieved. It was my staff that requested the paper record!!"

"The feedback from all the focus groups on the new performance management process was that it was a great improvement for both managers and staff."

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