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Job Evaluation

Once organisations grow to over a certain size, the administration of pay has to move from the ad hoc to the structured.

Good HR practice, indeed the legislative framework in the UK surrounding the concept of "Equal Value" encourages organisations to implement 'factor-based' job evaluation schemes.

Our HR consultancy has developed a highly effective methodology where organisations can, with consultant support and expertise, design their own job evaluation processes from scratch.

Not only is this often more cost-efficient than introducing a pre-designed scheme, it overcomes any problems associated with inappropriate factors or definitions, invalid factor weightings, etc..

Our HR consultants can also 'refresh' and 'revitalise' existing job evaluation schemes.



Examples of Job Evaluation Assignments
rja has assisted organisations in public, private and voluntary sectors to implement or refresh job evaluation schemes including:
Simplification of an existing job evaluation scheme from over 20 factors to less than ten.
Implementing a new job evaluation scheme to reduce the number of pay grades from 72 to ten.
Implementing new job evaluation schemes in a variety of settings including FE management, NDPB's and charities (from 20 staff to over 2,000).
We potentially have one of the longest not for profit client lists in Scotland for a small independent management consultancy in this area of expertise.


"The scheme rja helped us design reduced the number of job grades from twenty seven to six."

"Over one hundred different labour rates were replaced by just seven rates, under-pinned by a simple job evaluation process."
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