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From time to time, it may help an organisation if an independent outsider becomes involved in that organisation. Circumstances where our HR consultancy can support you can include:

helping management teams see 'the wood from the trees'.

providing an external balance that is independent of internal structures, power bases and politics.

helping teams or groups talk through organisational problems and opportunities and guiding them through to appropriate decisions and recommendations.




Examples of Facilitation Assignments
Our HR consultants have:
helped a senior management team reverse their management behaviour in terms of managing attendance - by replacing over-managing with trust.
helped the senior management team of an educational institution reposition their thinking, hence management focus, on the strategic challenges facing their organisation.
helped the Managing Director of a large business understand, and come to terms with, the issues surrounding a family-based Board of Directors.
helped a Board Chair and Chief Executive discuss and agree their respective roles and relationship.
helped joint boards in 'merger' talks shift their perceptions and feelings from distrust and takeover to enthusiasm and commitment.


"The process helped two departments realise that they should not be enemies. The enemy was our competitors, the departments were allies."

"The Board's decision on the future role of the Chief Executive and that of the Operations Director was unanimous."

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