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Equal/Fair Pay

The Equality Act 2010 now puts even more pressure on organisations than its predecessor in this area, the Equal Pay Act. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has produced a statutory Code of Practice to support that legislation.

Separately, the Government-commissioned paper on Fair Pay in the Public Sector was published in the first half of 2011 and it is understood that HMG is actively considering extending some of the recommendations to the private sector.

Our HR consultancy has developed a methodology, compliant with the EHRC recommended approach, that investigates and reports on all aspects of Equal Pay. To complement this are sophisticated statistical tools that are used to analyse a client's own payroll data. Once Fair Pay requirements are known in greater detail, these tools and techniques can be extended to encompass the analysis and reporting of any new provisions.



Examples of Equal/Fair Pay Assignments
Our HR consultants have:
conducted an equal pay audit for a major national charity.
acted as expert adviser to a major university that was conducting an equal pay audit.
investigated the basis on which work was rated as equal within an organisation, identified vulnerabilities and made recommendations for compliance.
investigated the implications of a proposed major salary restructuring to ensure there were no adverse equal pay issues.
investigated benefits entitlement within a voluntary sector organisation and identified previously unknown, yet highly discriminatory practices in staff benefits.


"The investigation showed that, whilst the pay of the vast majority of staff was equitable, all staff in receipt of market rate supplements were male."

"The higher level of pension enititlement had, over the years, been awarded only to "management" - all of whom were men. All woman were on lower entitlement."
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