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Board Roles/Relations

The interplay between the Members of a Board, the Chair, the Chief Executive and his/her senior management team is one of the most powerful strategic levers that an organisation has at its disposal. It is also one that can be confusing and sometimes open to different interpretations.

Using our consulting, non-executive director and "Chair of Board" experience, our HR consultants are helping boards and/or their chairs clarify such areas as:

what is the optimum role for a Board both in terms of its laid down role (ie Matters Reserved) and any discretionary role?
what is the individual role of a Board member?
what are the responsibilities for the Chair/Chief Executive and how should they inter-relate?
what are the ideal skill sets for Board Member, Chair and Chief Executive? How best can you recruit/talent spot them?


Examples of Board Development Assignments
Our HR consultancy has provided support to:
elected members who sit as non-executive directors on boards by running masterclass workshops
a Board Chair and Chief Executive to clarify their respective roles and relationship and how that should relate to the other non-executive directors and senior management team.
produced integrated documentation highlighting the role of a Board, its members, Chair and Chief Executive, their relationships and possible working methods as a means of discussing improvements in effectiveness and compliance.




"Having on a single piece of paper what the board is actually responsible for
has clarified things in everyone's minds."

"Clarifying the roles and relationships of the Board, its members, the Chair and the Chief Executive has helped enormously."

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