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Board Committees

Particularly within the voluntary and education sector there is a spectrum of practices ranging:

from a single Board that has no sub-committees.
to those with a plethora of sub-committees, sometimes with potentially overlapping Terms of Reference yet often similar membership (eg HR, staffing and salary sub-committees).
Our HR consultancy can advise on:
typical sub-committee structures and provide appropriate terms of reference.
review current arrangements and, where appropriate, make recommendations for change.
relationships of Board sub-committees to both Main Board and executive management.


Examples of Board Committees Assignments
our HR consultants recommended the formation of a Remuneration Committee to manage the pay and performance of the Chief Executive that hitherto had been a matter for the full board comprising student, staff and union representatives. 
our HR consultants recommended changes to the remit of a Salary sub-committee to improve the clarity between essential corporate governance requirements and the responsibilities of executive management.
refocused the workings of a Nominations Committee through the introduction of a 'principles-based' approach to appointments processes.




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